Water: three water wells which three of them are active and supply 160-170 liters/second, and based on standards, required water is 400-450 liters/seconds.
Electricity: total amount of electricity required by industrial park is 334 MW. 89 MW of that amount is supplied.
Telephone: 4000 number center, which 2700 of them is active.
Gas: 5 gas pressure regulation stations with capacity of 65000 m3/hr. are in operation and 1 gas pressure regulation station with capacity of 10000 m3/hr. is installing and gas distribution network with length of 130 Km is implemented that required gas is fed by a CGS device with capacity of 60000 m3/hr. which in near future its capacity will reach 100000 m3/hr. 10 years perspective of industrial park will be supplied.
Water refinery:
Water refinery consists of 2 modules. Module 1 is in operation with the capacity of 2500 m3/day which consists of two anaerobic lagoons, moderator and primary sedimentation and 3 aerated lagoons and module 2 is implementing with the capacity of 1500 m3/day.
Weighbridge: two 60 tons digital weighbridge
Cellphone coverage: dedicated antennas from MTN and BTS
Nearest airport: Shahid Dastgheyb at 12 Km.
Nearest railroad station: Shiraz station at 35 Km.

- Promotion of security in Shiraz great industrial park and significant reduction in crime and rubbery from industrial units.
- 25% increase in security personnel in three shifts for establishing more order and security.
- Securing water reservoir and water supply equipment at the hillside of Eslamloo Mountain in three shifts for 24 hours.
- Installing CCTV at all of arrival and departure posts and water reservoirs and exploring diverse robberies.
- Blocking all of illegal roads around the industrial park.
- 24 hour patrol at surrounding channels and inspecting outgoing loads.
- Organizing exit papers and preventing exit of robbed loads using fake exit papers.
- Designing and printing timed exit papers and designating security code to each unit for increasing security factor.
- Arresting several crime and stealing networks in industrial park using competent authorities.
- Monthly inspection of lighting networks and contacting with distribution firm and firm of industrial parks for resolving blackout spots and improving safety of industrial park.
- Arresting cable and electrical equipment robbers and delivering them to competent authorities.
Delivering and maintenance of water reservoirs, water supply network and wastewater and installing junctions
- Securing and continuous surveillance on water reservoirs.
- Monitoring sampling, microbial testing and determining water level of reservoirs.
- Monitoring maintenance, spraying, and periodical wash and repairing sewer system.
- Repairing breakage of main and subsidiary pipelines.
- Creating proper green space around the water reservoirs of industrial park.
- Establishing water splits for applicant units and disabling illegal water splits.
Establishing transportation services for employed personnel in industrial park
By continuous pursuing regarding support manufacturing sector and suppling primary needs of industrial park, three buses rented for transportation of personnel employed in units located in industrial park. Since the contract with bus system of Shiraz is experimental and revoke at 29/12/1393, in case that industrial unites appreciated the service, service can extend in 1394. Option of transportation from other locations will be available after necessary investigations.

Fire department and emergency and Emergency aid and rescue
- Equipping and operating fire department building and paying for vehicle and personnel costs for 24 hours.
- Installing 14 hydrant valves in industrial park by aid of fire department in high risk locations.
- Aid and rescue and fire extinguishing in factories damaged in fire and accidents.
- Holding training seminar on safety and industry by association of fire department in chamber of Commerce.
- Rescuing personnel of factories from accidents and device fall.
- Providing consulting services on safety for free by firefighting experts to applicant units.
- Holding medical emergency and emergency training courses for free in applicant units in association with university of medical science.
- Follow up for obtaining adequate permissions for establishing clinic in industrial park
- Pursuing equipping and operating emergency and designating 1 vehicle 24 hours.
Public and advertisement services, executive and consulting works
- Organizing entry boards of industrial park.
- Building number signs for streets of industrial park.
- providing postal code and post boxes for free and contract with central post office for coding new phases of industrial park (until 1392)
- enforcement of graffiti and cleaning wall and Beautification of passages.
- Providing free legal consultation in 4 days per week in office of institute.
- Providing free insurance consultation in 1 day per week.
- Providing industrial, market and sales consultation to industrial units located in industrial park.
- Resolving disagreements on employee-employer relations and neighborhood relations.
- Buying a Capra truck for better inspection on contractors, water reservoirs and under construction phases.
- Annual actuary on active, semi active and inactive units for planning and setting goals.
- Print and distribution of phone book for units located in Shiraz great industrial park (3 editions)
- Preparing comprehensive Information database of industrial units located in industrial parks of Fars province and free distribution of them by aid of Fars industrial parks firm.
- Creating web site for prompt communication and informing to industrial units and paying charge and water bills and also online access to exit paper at www.shirazip.ir
- Purchase and operating short message service for communication and prompt informing to industrial units.
- Establishing Telegram channel for prompt informing
Waste transportation and cleaning the streets   
- using a garbage press vehicle and 1 hypaethral vehicle for collecting home and office garbage of units located in industrial park
- contacting with governor of Fars province for not paying for garbage disposal.
- Collecting illegal scraps from streets and channels.
- Preventing from exit of wastes from the second door (Eslamloo door)