1- Securing industrial park and industrial units 24 hours.
Patrolling in channels around the industrial park and industrial park itself.
2- Controlling traffic on arrival and departure posts.
3- Providing exit paper for applicant units after full registration.
5- Controlling outgoing loads using exit paper.
6- Monitoring office garbage carrier contractors
7- Monitoring contractors in industrial park.
8- Inspecting industrial park water well and reservoirs.
9- Providing industrial units located in industrial park with free legal and insurance consultation.
10- Pursuing delayed payments institute.
11- Providing office services for giving work finishing permission for applicant units.
12- Providing industrial units with safety, firefighting, aid and rescue services by personnel of fire department.
13- providing medical emergency services.
14- Resolving claims and disagreements between neighbors, Owner and Tenant and etc.
15- Pursuing blackout resolving, and gas breakage and informing units as necessary.
16- Prosecuting illegal graffiti and providing applicant units with postal box and codes. 
17- Free distribution of brochures and advertisement of industrial units, as well as distributing charge bills for more proper communication between units.
18- Pursuing resolving water outage, installing water split and contours for applicant units.
19- Actuary and registering new units in information database of firm’s Board of Directors.
20- Participating in meetings and provincial and country task forces for addressing needs of great industrial park and industry of province.
21- Cleaning passages and sidewalks of industrial park by purchasing a mini loader set, which since its start (Mehr 93) till now provided satisfactory service to industrial park.